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Vinbros and Co., is the largest and oldest liquor manufacturing facility situated in the coastal region of Pondicherry. It was established in the year 1942 during the French regime to cater the diplomatic & royal houses spread across the country during post-independence era with the expertise French technology in distilling, blending & manufacturing of liquor products. The age-old premium liquor manufacturing technology of Vinbros have been kept secretly and passed on to the next generation by the closely held family master blenders. The present master blenders are the fourth generation in succession who are time and again assuring the exquisite art of producing premium quality liquors.

Vinbros commenced its bottling operations with a production capacity of 600 cartons per day with two bottling lines during its inception. Today, we have diversified into a state-of-art production facility capable of producing 9,500 cartons per day with 7 automatic bottling lines and 2 specialized wine filling and corking machine. The high-tech manufacturing facility has been equipped with bonded warehouse with a capacity to store 40, 000 cartons at any given time.

The facility situated at R.S. No. 250, Thirukanchi Road, Odiampet Village, Villianur Commune, Pondicherry – 605 110 has been certified for ISO 9001 for “Design, Manufacture & Supply of Premium Quality Liquors & Wines” by M/s. TUV Management Services GmbH, Germany. Apart from ISO certifications, we also have been licensed with FSSAI.

In bringing the world class wine products to the Indian market and offering everybody a chance to experience the class of French wines, Vinbros and co., have partnered with M/s. P&P Import Export, Gaillac, France by bringing in their “Chateau Bouscaillous” Red & White Wines for importing, bottling & distribution in the Asian market. The wine culture which had significant growth in the past years has encouraged and motivated us further in bringing in much varieties of wines. Thereby enlarging our product portfolio.

The highly sophisticated machineries of Vinbros and co. have fetched remarkable contractual agreement with some of the leading multinational companies for importing, bottling and distribution of their flagship brands in the Indian market.

The long lasting search of Vinbros and co, to produce an Indian whisky with world class characters have been answered by expertise R&D advices rendered by the Scottish Experts in developing the “Vinbros Royal Monarchy Premium Whisky” and “The Warehouse Premium Grain Whisky” both of which had not only created robust share in domestic market but also in the European market which had won hearts of connoisseurs by fetching us periodical export orders. Along with this brand another product “Vinbros 7 PM Onwards Rare Premium Grain Whisky” is being exported regularly to European Market. Further, we are privileged to inform that some of our prestigious brands are all set to be launched in the African & Gulf market shortly.

The liquors & wines manufactured in Vinbros and Co., have been distributed to the length and breadth of the nation either through direct marketing or by appointing exclusive distributor or through Corporations undertaken by respective state governments. We have a privilege in supplying our prestigious wine under the nomenclature “Globus Fortified Port Wine” to the Canteen Stores Department situated in the various states by virtue of the product's overall success wherever it was launched. Not forgetting to mention that we have secured the number one position in the State of Andhra Pradesh for the past three consecutive years among the wine suppliers. Almost all of our premium and prestige brands are available in most of the Border Security Force Frontier’s in North India.

Apart from producing our own liquor products, we have entered into manufacturing arrangements with M/s. U.B. Group of Companies in manufacturing some of their premium products for their Pondicherry as well as Andhaman & Nicobar operations which not only reassures the production capabilities of Vinbros and co., but at the same time brings to the limelight the state-of-art production facilities installed in manufacturing premium quality liquors.

The distillery is in possession of statutory licenses issued by the State Excise department, C.O.B license issued by the Govt. of India (one of the unique privileged possession with the other co-players lagging behind us).

Our objective is to maximize the existing potential in liquor-making. The aim is therefore to produce and offer liquor with improved style and well defined personality, without losing their character. Vinbros' role as the leader in the Pondicherry Liquor export market does not keep us away from being actively engaged in other activities. In order to insure the synergies necessary to the support of our main business, we have expanded and broadened on our basic operations. The Company now also imports raw materials, packaging and various equipment for the Liquor industry.

Along-side the obvious goal to consolidate and further develop our market position, we are determined to achieve our potential beyond the Liquor sector. With the establishment of a well co-ordinated, specifically-targeted consumer-oriented programme, we prove ourselves
adaptable to ongoing changes in taste and habits of Indian consumers. By taking advantage of the huge potential of the growing Indian market we strive to become a leading importer and national distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
On the domestic market, we are trying to offer a wide range of products, which are of good value, but also tangible examples of successful diversification efforts. Our company business concept is to satisfy customer demands in relation to the price and quality of the products offered. The expertise and services which we supply and the results thereof recommend us as your reliable business partner.